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Hun Sen dismisses EU trade threat

EU has given Cambodia a month to respond to human rights report

Hard labor for cellphone sends jitters among N Korea’s Chinese community

The harsh punishment is just the latest in what appears to be a state clampdown targeting the community

US passes bill aimed at protecting human rights in Hong Kong

Beijing accused of being behind the ‘violence and repression’ in the Asian financial hub

Catholics jump the Great Firewall of China

Priest said he was once ‘taken for tea’ by officials and warned for using a VPN

Leaked Chinese govt documents show details of Xinjiang clampdown

New York Times said documents were leaked by a member of the Chinese political establishment

Katolik Hong Kong minta bantuan paus atasi krisis di universitas

Sebuah petisi online yang beredar di antara umat Katolik di Hong Kong meminta intervensi paus untuk menyelesaikan konfrontasi dengan kekerasan antara polisi dan demonstran...

Hong Kong Catholics appeal to pope to help end crisis at...

‘Urgent appeal’ made to Pope Francis to intervene in ‘humanitarian crisis’

Manila bishop backs red-tagged groups

Bishop said govt should instead support and encourage faith-based organizations instead of vilifying them

Choking and crying, Hong Kong protesters pinned back on campus

Hong Kong police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on Nov. 18 to force back pro-democracy protesters trying to escape a university...

Cambodia releases political prisoners: ‘I should never have been arrested’

In the Southeast Asian nation, the political mood is slowly but surely changing

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