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Pope tells priests, religious to find new ways to talk about...

He urged local church leaders to seek new ways to transmit the Word capable of awakening the desire to know the Lord

A life-changing encounter with a pope

An earlier meeting with Mother Teresa helped lay the foundation for what would become a momentous decision

Photos capture papal Mass attended by thousands

Tens of thousands at stadium Mass, a highlight of the pope’s four-day visit to the kingdom

Pope tells Catholics to be ‘beggars,’ not mercenaries

Pope Francis said the early missionaries did not see the Thai people as pagans but as brothers and sisters

Paus meminta orang Jepang melindungi kehidupan

Paus Fransiskus telah menyerukan kepada orang-orang Jepang untuk berkomitmen melindungi semua kehidupan dalam sebuah pesan video sebelum kunjungannya ke Jepang minggu ini.

Healing needs the restoration of human dignity, pope tells Catholic medicos

They were told their commitment to healthcare goes far beyond the simple and praiseworthy practice of medicine

Paus serukan aksi global untuk perlindungan migran

Paus Fransiskus menyerukan komitmen global untuk melindungi para migran, terutama perempuan dan anak-anak, dalam pidato publik pertamanya selama kunjungan apostolik ke Thailand...

Pope tells young people to work hard, aim high

Pope Francis said those who falter must always have the strength to get up and carry on going forward

Work trumps religion in Japan, Oblate priest says

Catholics in Japan are a minute minority, numbering around 536,000, or just 0.42 percent of the population. But that won’t...

Pope calls for global action on protection of migrants

Pontiff praises Thai govt for efforts to fight human trafficking

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