Cardinal Zen interview: Hong Kong crisis is a ‘war’

Cardinal discusses Hong Kong protests, Vatican’s relationship with Beijing

‘Magic is not Christian!’ pope warns

Christians don’t seek fortune tellers or sit for tarot card readings, he said

China’s Catholics told ‘put loyalty to the state above faith’

And the law of the country is above canon law, Chinese bishop says

80-year-old nun in Philippines posts bail to avoid arrest

Church groups said the charges against the missionary sister aim to discredit and vilify organizations working for justice and peace

Central India state gives Christmas cash to churches

Govt officials also active in joining Christian communities during festive celebrations

Philippine Church marks year of ‘inter-religious dialogue’

Church leaders said dialogue should bring about new ways of understanding

Six Muslim men jailed for missing Friday prayers in Malaysia

Critics say the case demonstrates that Malaysia’s tolerant interpretation of Islam is being eaten away

Pakistan ‘turning a blind eye’ to the trafficking of girls and...

Christian minority targeted by brokers who pay poor parents to marry off their daughters to Chinese men

US House approves Uyghur bill demanding sanctions on senior Chinese officials

In Xinjiang there is ‘mass internment of millions on a scale not seen since the Holocaust’

Major brands found failing to help Thai seafood sector tackle slavery

Most buyers ‘only concerned about meeting the minimum ethical standards and were more focused on pricing’

North Korean defectors held in Vietnam fear repatriation

Vietnamese authorities called off an attempt to deport the defectors on Nov. 28 after they protested and refused to go

Bangladesh education ban devastates a generation of Rohingya children, rights group...

Aid groups are not allowed to provide proper schooling for children in refugee camps

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