Philippines’ Duterte threatens oligarchs, woos poor in ‘water war’

President accused concessionaires of treating water ‘not as a natural resource but as a commodity’

Rohingya genocide charges: Suu Kyi prepares to defend Myanmar against ‘meddling...

Lawyers push for investigators be allowed into the country to further investigate reports of human rights abuses

Myanmar’s landmine legacy continues to destroy lives

Myanmar found is the only country where govt forces were found to have used antipersonnel landmines in the last year

A changing Mekong is damaging livelihoods

With new hydropower dams starting operations or being planned to be built, a crisis is looming

Affordable quality education under threat at New Delhi university

Rise in accommodation fees will result in many Dalits not being able to have access to a decent education, professor says

North Korean defectors overcome challenges to rebuild their lives

North Korean defectors arrive in the South empty handed and they will more than likely remain poor

How a Filipino bishop lost, then rediscovered his faith

Everyone has a moment of doubt, a moment when one questions one's faith, a moment that comes unexpectedly. Even men...

Duterte’s nightmare: Access to information on drug war

Sacked vice president said she’ll soon release her own findings into the so-called war on drugs

Dam building on the Mekong: A death by a thousand cuts

More than 60 million people rely on the Mekong for their livelihoods

The Filipino fighting for a Japanese samurai’s sainthood

As Pope Francis visits Japan, an 83-year-old Filipino historian is hoping the pontiff will recognize a Japanese samurai who once offered his...

From all over the world, they came to see the pope

Seeing the pope up close was "a rare life experience" for Alexis Yu and his family from the central Philippine city of...

A life-changing encounter with a pope

An earlier meeting with Mother Teresa helped lay the foundation for what would become a momentous decision

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