Rebuilding efforts fall short for many survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan

The 2013 disaster ‘was made worse by govt neglect and corruption,’ says head of typhoon survivor group

Which way now for freed Cambodian opposition leader?

The 66-year-old Kem Sokha was accused of conspiring with the US to unseat Prime Minister Hun Sen’s pro-China regime

Temple devotees ‘flex their muscles’ over scarce land in India

Hindus make up 80 percent of India's 1.3 billion population, and hundreds of thousands of temples dot the country

Peeking through the Great Firewall at the Hong Kong protests

Foreign media has shaped some sympathetic mainland Chinese views on the protests, but fear of the state will ensure the unrest doesn’t spread

Religious images among prized possessions Filipino quake victims saved

Thousands of families continue to stay in the open, waiting for donations and tents to protect them from the elements

In Vietnam’s ‘Billionaire Village,’ migrant cash can buy a palace

Even the majestic, renaissance-style church towering over the plush, neighboring villas was built with remittance money donated by the Catholic community

On All Souls’ Day, kin of ‘desaparecidos’ cry for justice

It used to be that days before All Souls' Day Lorena Santos and her father would join millions of Filipinos visiting the...

In Indonesia, ‘bride kidnapping’ tradition fuels child marriage despite new ban

In the Southeast Asian archipelago one in nine girls are married before age 18

India’s increasing defenses eat away at farmland along border with Pakistan

Indian security forces have been acquiring land to fortify defenses in the border districts of Jammu and Kashmir

Some indigenous Ainu not onboard as Japan builds ‘ethnic harmony’ tribute

New museum complex mostly meant to burnish Japan's international standing ahead of the Olympics, some Ainu believe

Container deaths reveal how rural Vietnamese make treacherous journey to Europe

Journeys made by Vietnamese migrants are often broken up into stages, at the end of which traffickers request cash from families before they can proceed further

Does religion hinder love?

Many Catholics are unaware that there are 'remedies' available in the Church for ‘mixed marriages’

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