Neglect can turn Marawi into a breeding ground for terrorists

Some government officials claim that residents deserved their fate because they had allowed the city to become a hub for extremist groups

Voyeurs on the margins

The recent ruckus between the female siblings of a "slightly prominent" Filipino family involved in the country's entertainment business at the wake...

Philippines’ Duterte drags vice president into drug war to deflect scandals

Anti-drugs body is largely recommendatory in nature and takes orders from the president

Corruption trials pose a dilemma for the Malaysian government

The 1MDB trials of former prime minister Najib Razak run with more plot twists than a Korean drama

Nowhere to offer flowers on All Souls’ Day

Catholics in the Philippines are paying tribute to their dear departed on All Souls' Day, an important day for Filipinos. It is...

Becoming a caring moralist

Thinking and acting morally must commit us to the duty to seek the inner goodness in others and to strive for the welfare of all

Pakistan’s military rides roughshod over the media

Suppression of the media is part of the nation’s worsening slide into despotism

Perversions of faith in Philippine ‘war’ against drugs

Duterte frequently casts aspersions on matters of faith, especially when this runs counter to his worldview of governance

Independence for Hong Kong is not unthinkable

And why the world’s most powerful nations should support it

Protecting international free speech against Beijing’s assault

Hoping market forces will solve China’s extraterritorial violations of free speech is naive

Under Duterte, retribution fuels death penalty by executive fiat

Retribution is, at best, a questionable goal in societies with lopsided access to economic, political and social rights

Once more for the children in prison

Philippine laws presently set the minimum age of criminal responsibility at 15 years of age

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