Sanction China for enabling Myanmar’s genocide

While Myanmar should be condemned publicly for the genocide against the Rohingya, its ‘friends’ who have enabled the atrocity should also face scrutiny

Malaysian police draw thin blue line in the sand over reform

Govt failure to table a key bill for civilian oversight of the police is another setback for transparency and basic human rights

The wild west of Malaysia’s tahfiz religious schools

Despite their fair share of scandals, they are operating without licence nor accountability

US Senate must act now: 1-3 million Turkic Muslims detained by...

Not passing bill would be a disaster for Uyghur morale, global human rights norms and US national security

Did SEA Games organizers award themselves?

During the Games’ opening ceremonies, the words ‘Kyrie eleison’ or ‘Lord Have Mercy’ were set to tribal peoples' music

Age-old caste system prevails in India’s educational institutions

Some Indians deemed higher caste oppose improved access to education for those at the bottom end of society

Nature is waiting to be befriended and understood

We must dare not miss the signs and wonders of nature for they accurately mirror the attributes of its creator Spirit

Murderous times

Survey after survey, a majority of Filipinos — even those who support the drug war in principle — have expressed fear about summary killings

Malaysia’s indigenous people in David v Goliath struggle for survival

Orang Asli fight for their land in the face of loggers, developers and an indifferent govt

Philippines’ drug ‘czarina’ under attack

Maria Leonor Robredo has sent jitters up and down govt hierarchy by launching a review of the methods used in anti-drug campaign

When courage comes from faith

Philippine press freedom hero got his courage from knowing that he was doing God’s will

Malaysian parties race for favor, while voters favor race

Politicians campaign for Tanjung Piai by-election to secure ethnic votes with the added lure of money

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