Flash mob rallies in downtown Hong Kong financial district

‘I won't take part in the attacks, I am here to try to protect the kids,’ female office worker says

Which way now for freed Cambodian opposition leader?

The 66-year-old Kem Sokha was accused of conspiring with the US to unseat Prime Minister Hun Sen’s pro-China regime

Suspected suicide bomber hit police headquarters in Indonesian city

A suspected suicide bombing outside police headquarters in Indonesia's city of Medan in North Sumatra killed the perpetrator and wounded some officers...


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Voyeurs on the margins

The recent ruckus between the female siblings of a "slightly prominent" Filipino family involved in the country's entertainment business at the wake...


Bangladesh sentences 16 to death for killing teenager in harassment case

The principal of a religious school in Bangladesh was among 16 people sentenced to death for the murder of a teenage girl...

Container deaths reveal how rural Vietnamese make treacherous journey to Europe

Journeys made by Vietnamese migrants are often broken up into stages, at the end of which traffickers request cash from families before they can proceed further

In Indonesia, ‘bride kidnapping’ tradition fuels child marriage despite new ban

In the Southeast Asian archipelago one in nine girls are married before age 18

Pope has last word in controversial Amazon summit

Many who self-worship profess to be Catholics, but have forgotten to be Christians, the pope said during homily

Independence for Hong Kong is not unthinkable

And why the world’s most powerful nations should support it


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Churches decry red tagging of Philippine Protestant council

National Council of Churches in the Philippines has consistently spoken out against the government's anti-narcotics ‘war’

Vietnam jails Australian citizen for 12 years on ‘terrorism’...

Vietnam's ruling Communist Party does not tolerate criticism from both within and outside the country

Gambia files Rohingya genocide case against Myanmar at UN...

West African nation also claims the 600,000 Rohingya who did not flee Myanmar are at serious risk of further atrocities


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